Vision, Mission & System Principles

With the support of its Vision Subcommittee, our Council developed and adopted the following Vision, Mission & System Principles in November 2012, to guide the work of the the Toronto South LIP.


Our vision is that newcomers in the Toronto South area feel welcome, safe, supported and empowered in achieving their settlement dreams.  Services and resources available in the area effectively support newcomers in achieving full social, cultural, economic, and political inclusion.  Newcomer contributions are acknowledged and valued, and Toronto South's neighbourhoods and communities are enhanced as a result of the equitable participation of all community members.


In support of this vision, The Toronto South LIP's member organizations are committed to exploring new ways of communicating, collaborating, coordinating and partnering for the benefit of newcomers in the Toronto South area.  We are committed to working together to provide a collaborative network of coordinated information, programs, supports, and services for newcomers that reflect our Service Values by being:

  • Accessible
  • Comprehensive
  • Seamless
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Timely
  • Accurate
  • innovative
  • High Quality
  • Client-centered
  • Holistic
  • Results-oriented
  • Welcoming
  • Safe
  • Inclusive
  • Anti-oppressive
  • Accountable to newcomer communities
  • Responsive to changing needs

System Principles

Our collaborative network of services for newcomers is guided by the service values noted in our Mission as well as by the following system principles:

  • A "No Wrong Door" Approach - supporting newcomer service entry choices through a variety of service providers (e.g. ethno-specific, multicultural, francophone, women-specific, youth-specific, single-service, multi-service, large, small, LGBTQ, etc.)

  • Collaboration - Robust and effective coordination and collaboration, including strong and reliable service referrals

  • Welcoming Environments - Service environments that are welcoming, inclusive, family-friendly, and anti-oppressive

  • Cultural Competency - Understanding and operating from the cultural and social perspectives of the communities that we work with

  • Service Equity - Availability of suitable services regardless of immigration status, length of time in Canada, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural or religious background, economic status, or other similar human rights ground

Guiding Values and Ethics

In January 2013, our Partnership Council also adopted the following Statement of Guiding Values & Ethics to encourage effective ways of working together as members of the Toronto South LIP.

Statement of Guiding Values & Ethics

The Toronto South LIP's members are committed to working together in ways that are consistent with the following values and ethics:

  • Respect - Respect for newcomer assets and contributions, and respect for each other's unique and essential contributions to an effective service system

  • Diversity - Valuing and reflecting diversity and cultural differences, and recognizing this as a strength we can build on

  • Honesty and Integrity - Being honest and transparent in our communication and striving to fulfill our commitments

  • Trust & relationship-building - Being willing to learn from every interaction, build our relationships, and foster an atmosphere of trust

  • Newcomer-focus / Client-focus - Prioritizing the best interests of clients and newcomers

  • Inclusiveness - Including diverse points of view in decision-making

  • Anti-racism, anti-oppression and gender equity - Modeling principles of anti-racism, anti-oppression and gender equity in our work with each other and in our service environments