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10 Ways to Make Your Materials More InclusiveSome tips to help you develop discussion materials that will make your dialogues more inclusive of varying learning styles and literacy levels.DocumentEveryday Democracy2012
Applied or Academic: High Impact Decisions for Ontario studentsThis report examines the gap between Ontario's stated policy regarding students' choices in high school and the reality on the ground. It looks at whether grade 8 students should be required to make decisions that have such important short and long term consequences in light of international evidence suggesting that it contributes to lower outcomes.DocumentPeople for Education2015
Best Ways to Practice English By YourselfThis fact sheet gives newcomers some tips on how to practice their English skillsDocumentToronto South LIP (formerly Toronto East LIP)2010
Building Educational Pathways for RefugeesThe following guide presents WUSC’s unique framework for the resettlement, education, and integration of refugee youth through Canada’s postsecondary network. It offers examples of practical considerations that have been informed by over 40 years of experience offering resettlement and postsecondary education opportunities to refugee youthDocumentWorld University Service of Canada (WUSC) and UNHCR Canada2017
Career Pathways to Education and EmploymentA needs assessment to generate knowledge that will improve opportunities for newcomer mothers and their families This Needs Assessment is one component of the Career Pathways Project. It presents a snapshot of relevant literature supplemented by finding sform extensive consultation held with newcomer mothers and organizations i the settlement, employment and education fields.DocumentWorking Women Community Centre2016
Education Pathways for Newcomers in OntarioA flowchart developed to assist newcomers in navigating the education systems - including high school, apprenticeship training, post-secondary education, continuing education and graduate programs.DocumentToronto South LIP (formerly Toronto East LIP)2010
ESL Conversation Circle Sample Lesson PlansA sample lesson plan developed for agencies interested in developing a Conversation Circle program.DocumentESL Partyland2010
ESL Conversation Circles ToolkitA toolkit developed for agencies interested in developing a Conversation Circle program.DocumentToronto South LIP (formerly Toronto East LIP)2010
Foreign Credentials Assessment Fact SheetA fact sheet that outlines how to get a foreign credential assessed and recognized for the purposes of both work and education.DocumentToronto South LIP (formerly Toronto East LIP) 
Growing Impact: Post-Secondary International Students in TorontoThe research explores challenges and issues experienced by international students while studying and making the transition to permanent residence. Suggestions are offered for improving the current system to increase the chances of success. DocumentIntergovernmental Committee for Economic and Labour Force Development (ICE)2018
Guide for International Students in Toronto Secondary SchoolsThis handbook will help international students learn more about Toronto and about Canadians. It contains information about transportation, leisure activities, health care, post-secondary education and other useful topics. DocumentCultureLInk, ACCES Employment, WoodGreen2016
Hard Lessons: Newcomers and Ontario Private CollegesThis report focuses on the experiences of newcomers with private colleges in Ontario. The report relies on the insights of front-line staff of agencies that service newcomers, and offers their impressions of the newcomer encounter with private colleges.DocumentToronto South LIP2013
Hard Lessons: Newcomers and Ontario Private Colleges - Poster PresentationA poster summarizing the findings of the Hard Lessons report, developed for the Pathways to Prosperity ConferenceDocumentToronto South LIP2013
Hard Lessons: Newcomers and Ontario Private Colleges - Student ToolkitThe toolkit includes the report recommendations and a number of factsheets and checklists for students to use when making a decision about Private Colleges.DocumentToronto South LIP2013
IAF Loans for ImmigrantsImmigrant Access Fund provides microloans for immigrants to pay costs for Canadian licensing requirements or training including both skilled workers and professionals.DocumentImmigrant Access Fund (IAF)2016
International Students, Immigration and Earnings Growth: The Effect of a Pre-immigration Canadian University EducationThis study uses large national longitudinal datasets to examine cross‑cohort trends and within‑cohort changes in earnings among three groups of young university graduates: immigrants who are former international students in Canada (Canadian‑educated immigrants), foreign‑educated immigrants who had a university degree before immigrating to Canada and the Canadian‑born population.DocumentStatistics Canada2017
Keeping Fear out of Canadian ClassroomsDecember 2016 marked one year since the first wave of Syrian refugees settled in Canada. Support for Syrian children and youth going to school was recognized as a priority. Opening doors to welcome refugees to Canada is only the first step of the process towards meaningful integration. The real work of ensuring social inclusion is a much longer-term investment.DocumentEducation in Emergencies Working Group2017
Missing Out: Refugee Education in CrisisEducation enables children and youth to thrive, not just survive. Failing to provide education for 6 million refugees of school-going age, on the other hand, can be hugely damaging, not only for individuals but also for their families and societies, perpetuating cycles of conflict and yet more forced displacement. It means lost opportunities for peaceful and sustainable development in our world. As this report illustrates, education is central to both those goals – peace and development – and to helping refugee children to fulfil their potential.DocumentUNHCR2017
New Directions for Foreign Credential Recognition - Final ReportA report commissioned by Employment and Social Development Canada to explore attitudes toward the issue of newcomers to Canada with professional designations getting their credentials recognized in Canada.DocumentEnvironics Research Group2014
Private Career Colleges Fact SheetA fact sheet developed to outline student rights and complaint procedures for Ontario Private CollegesDocumentToronto South LIP2011
Still Streamed: How High Impact Decisions Are Shaping Student's FuturesWhile much research has been done on streaming, students’ and parents’ perspectives and experiences have not been widely captured. This study was designed to fill this gap by documenting families’ lived experiences of the course selection process in a high-need, urban neighbourhood. DocumentSocial Planning Toronto2017
Supporting Refugee Students in CanadaIn this report, we presented the existing literature and policy on refugee students’ K-12 education, well-being, and resettlement in Canadian schools; synthesized the current knowledge in the field; identified gaps in the national literature and policy; and proposed future research and policy development. Further research is required to not only understand refugee students’ psychological, social, and educational experiences in Canada, but also to harvest the strategies teachers, policy makers, refugee families, and communities utilize to ease the refugee student transition to Canadian schools. DocumentESPMI Network2018
Survival Guide for International StudentsAn information guide for International Students attending High School in Canada.DocumentToronto Catholic District School Board - International Education Program2014
Syria: Educational Profile - A Guide to Place Refugee Students in Canadian SchoolsA guide that outlines the Educational System in Syria with grade equivalency in CanadaDocumentWorld Education Services (WES)2016
Uprooted EducationA report card on the Ontario Education system from the perspective of newcomer youth. This participatory research project explores how the unique trajectories and social locations of precarious immigration status migrant youth intersect with access and involvement in Ontario high schools. The findings of this project explore five salient themes: Getting In, Equitable Participation, Anti-Discrimination, Support and Moving On.DocumentFCJ Youth Network2016
Working Together to Remove Racial and Ethnic Barriers to Student AchievementA Facilitator Discussion Guide to help participants build lasting relationship among diverse stakeholders, become more aware of the issues, their own beliefs, and the perspectives of people who are from different backgrounds and develop action plans that will address racial and ethnic barriers to student achievement and parent involvement.DocumentMontgomery County Public Schools - Study Circles Program2006

Education Websites

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Canadian Education in Emergencies Working GroupAn informal group of education stakeholders concerned with raising the profile of education as an integral part of the first phase response to emergency and protracted situations.WebsiteEducation in Emergencies Working Group
Lynda.comThousands of online courses - free with a Toronto public library card. A leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. WebsiteLinkedIn
Per ScholasPer Scholas was founded to break the cycle of poverty by providing technology access and education in underserved communities.WebsitePer Scholas Columbus, Ohio
Welcome 2 SchoolA website to help settlement counsellors, teachers, community support workers, school council members and other frontline professionals connect newcomer parents and families with helpful information, resources, workshops and programsWebsiteToronto South LIP and Toronto West LIP