Health and Dental Resources

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A Newcomer's Guide to Sexual Health Services in TorontoA brochure that lists sexual health services in Toronto including services for women, youth LGBTQ and general services for everyone.DocumentAccess Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services 
Aboriginal Ways Tried and True (WTT)A portal for Aboriginal health services/interventions that have demonstrated a positive effect. The interventions reinforce the need for a culturally-appropriate way of examining success in Aboriginal contexts leading to the creation of the Aboriginal Ways Tried and True (WTT) Framework.DocumentPublic Health Agency of Canada 
Access to Health Care for Refugee and Refugee Claimants in CanadaA poster that outlines the IFH Policy changes (2012) and its impact on efficiency (cost, morbidity, morality) and equity (fairness to refugees, fairness to general public)DocumentDalla Lana School of Public Health, Meaghan Boddy, Renira Narrandes, Zoe Kavoukian-Scharf2013
Access to Language Interpretation Services and its Impact on Clinical Patients Outcomes: A Scoping ReviewThe purpose of this scoping review is to examine the impact of language interpretation services on patients’ health and clinical outcomes to better understand its effectiveness as an intervention. We chose language interpretation services compared to other interventions to address language accessibility because of the formalized nature of the intervention as well as to provide relevancy to similar interventions within the Canadian contextDocumentWellesley Institute2018
Anti-Racism - What Works? An evaluation of the effectiveness of anti-racism strategies.This report provides a review of the literature on anti-racism strategies, and incorporates evidence from various key researchers and policy workers from around Australia.DocumentCentre for Social Change and Social Equity, Murdoch University2003
Basic Information on Public Dental Programs for Adults 2014A list of free and low-cost dental programs for adultsDocument 2014
Brazilian Immigrants in OntarioDuring the summer of 2007, the Brazil Angola Community Information Centre (BACIC) in partnership with various academic researchers led a pilot project that examined the composition and needs of Brazilian residents in Ontario. This project was the first to ever document the characteristics (i.e. socio-demographic information, migratory status, family and social relations, field of work) and immigrant experiences of this group.DocumentUniversity of Toronto, Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing2009
Citizenship and HealthWhat role can citizenship play in the social determinants of health? The first question to determine this is, how could the process and requirements for becoming a citizen in Canada benefit or create a barrier to good health via the social determinants of health? The second question is, what are the benefits of becoming a citizen and of citizenship? Increased access to citizenship could be linked to good health. But in order to fully understand this connection, further research is required.DocumentWellesley Institute2017
Community Health Centres (CHCs) in TorontoA list of Community Health Centres (CHCs) in Toronto with contact information and catchment areaDocument 2011
Community-Based Perspectives on the Political Economy of Immigrant Health: A Qualitative StudyThis research explores community-based perspectives on the political economy of immigrant health. It seeks to examine and clarify the relationship between three bodies of knowledge: the political economy perspective on population health; the academic public health literature on the health of immigrant populations in Canada; and professional knowledge related to the provision of health and social services to immigrant communities at the level of Community Health Centres in the City of Toronto.DocumentWellesley Institute2011
Cultural Competency Training For Health Providers in Toronto - Training Gaps and RecommendationsThis research project has identified a number of gaps in existing trainings and has set forward a series of recommendations as areas of focus going forward.DocumentToronto South LIP2014
Culture Counts A Roadmap to Health PromotionA guide to best practices for developing health promotion initiatives in mental health and substance use with ethnocultual communities.DocumentCentre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)2012
Dental Care - A Fact SheetA backgrounder and list of dental programs available to newcomers including Toronto Public Health, Healthy Smiles and TAIBU CHCDocumentToronto Public Health 
Exploring food security and child feeding among refugee claimants and family class immigrants in TorontoThis project investigated household and child food insecurity and caregiver conceptualizations of the relationship between food and health among Latin American and Sri Lankan Tamil newcomer mothers (refugee claimants and family class immigrants) living in Toronto's Jane and Finch neighbourhood.DocumentCERIS2013
Family Health Teams in the Greater Toronto AreaA list of Family Health Teams in the Greater Toronto Area, (including contact information and catchment area) arranged by LHINsDocument 2011
Food Access and Newcomers - A Fact SheetA backgrounder and list of nutrition programs including FoodShare and EatRight Ontario.DocumentToronto Public Health 
Food Banks in TorontoA list of Food Banks in Toronto including addresses, hours of operation and boundariesDocument  
Free Dental CareA list of Toronto Public Health locations that offer free dental care for children aged 0-17, seniors (65 and older) and parents enrolled in selected Public Health programsDocumentToronto Public Health 
Free to Some: Examining the Landscape of Health Services for Uninsured Residents in TorontoThis report provides the recommendations and the findings of research on the difficulties faced by uninsured residents in Toronto attempting to access health services in an attempt to improve service delivery to this population.DocumentToronto South LIP2014
Health care coverage - refugee claimants and refugees - OntarioA chart that displays the medical and dental services available to refugees and refugee claimants listed by statusDocumentCanadian Clinicians for Refugee Care2012
Health Care for People Without Insurance in TorontoA list of services (both free and low cost) for people without insurance in TorontoDocumentMigration as a Social Determinant of Health2014
Health care needs and use of health care services among newly arrived Syrian refugees: a cross-sectional studyThe specific aims of the study were to examine the health care needs of Syrian refugees in Toronto within their first few months of arrival; document self-reported use of health care services among newly arrived Syrian refugees; and investigate perceived health of this population.DocumentCanadian Medical Association Journal2017
Health Equity Discussion PaperThis discussion paper sets out twelve over-arching directions and a series of concrete recommendations that will reduce inequitable access to healthcare, target critical barriers and disadvantaged communities, and encourage innovation and system transformation to enhance equity.DocumentToronto Central LHIN2008
Healthy Futures: Toronto Public Health Student SurveyThis report highlights some of the findings from the Toronto Public Health Student Survey to assess the health and health behaviours of adolescent students in Toronto.DocumentToronto Public Health2014
Healthy Futures: Toronto Public Health Student Survey - InfographicAn infographic that illustrates some of the findings from the Healthy Futures Student surveyDocumentToronto Public Health2014
Immunization - A Fact SheetA backgrounder and information on where to get your children immunized.DocumentToronto Public Health 
Institutions that offer low cost and/or Emergency Dental TreatmentA list of low cost and emergency dental treatmentDocumentPartners for Parkdale Health Network2011
Investigating Health Literacy in Mental Health and Addictions Issues Among Frontline Workers in the Settlement Sector: A Needs Assessment StudyThe aim of this project is to characterize frontline workers' health literacy in mental health/addictions issues and to define training and information needs in this sector. The ultimate goal is to produce recommendations that will guide the development of a future training initiative in mental health/addictions issues for frontline workers.DocumentToronto South LIP (formerly West Downtown Toronto LIP)2012
Know Your Rights! Access to health care for uninsured and precarious status migrants in TorontoA list of health centres that will treat uninsured migrants for primary care, sexual health, prenatal and post-partum services, dental services, harm reduction, tuberculosis prevention and control, immunization and emergency care.DocumentHealth for All2013
Language Interpretation Services in Health Care Settings in the GTACurrently in the GTA there are several established interpretation programs serving diverse patient communities. We conducted an environmental scan of local health care organizations to understand the challenges and successes that they have experienced in designing and implementing language interpretation programs. This report synthesizes the experiences of leading organizations, highlighting promising approaches for building accessible, effective, high-quality language interpretation programs.DocumentWellesley Institute2018
Low Cost Food Options - Toronto CentralA list of low-cost and free food options including food banks and meal programs for the Toronto Central area.DocumentCentre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)2011
Low Cost Food Options - Toronto EastA list of low-cost and free food options including food banks and meal programs for the Toronto East area.DocumentCentre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)2011
Low Cost Food Options - Toronto NorthA list of low-cost and free food options including food banks and meal programs for the Toronto North area.DocumentCentre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)2011
Low Cost Food Options - Toronto WestA list of low-cost and free food options including food banks and meal programs for the Toronto West area.DocumentCentre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)2011
Maternal Child Health - NewcomerA brief PowerPoint presentation on newcomer maternal healthDocumentToronto Public Health 
Measuring Health EquityThis paper presents a summary of the Measuring Health Equity in Toronto Central LHIN Project, a transformative and first of its kind Canadian effort to mandate the standardized collection of demographic data from patients and clients. The collection of this data represents an evidence-driven pathway to achieving equitable and quality care. The Measuring Health Equity Project has shown the operational feasibility of data collection and that the clear majority of patients and clients are amenable to being asked demographic questions.DocumentToronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)2017
Mental Health Protocol Values, principles and organization infrastructure in mental health intervention practiceDocumentCanadian Centre for Victims of Torture2017
MidwiferyA PowerPoint presentation outlining the responsibilities and philosophy of a midwifery. Also includes a list of contact information for those looking for a midwife.DocumentOntario midwives 
New Immigrants to CanadaIn this participatory project, immigrant women and researchers worked together to attain a better understanding of how gender, health, place and the politics of everyday life are interwoven and of how to use this knowledge to promote immigrant women's health.DocumentUniversity of Toronto, Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing2011
Newcomer Men's Health: Challenges and OpportunitiesA PowerPoint presentation outlining the research on Newcomer Men's Health, including service gaps, a model for capacity building and recommendationsDocumentSouth Riverdale Community Health Centre 
Next Stop Health: Transit Access and Health Inequities in TorontoThis report examines public transit use in Toronto, disparities in affordability and availability of public transit, the health impact of limited access to transit for low income residents, and strategies to improve access to public transit for low income residents.DocumentToronto Public Health2013
Nutrition and Food Insecurity among Recent Immigrant, Black Caribbean Immigrant and Canadian-Born Populations in TorontoA PowerPoint presentation outlining the preliminary findings of the study that explored risk factors, self-management practices, information seeking and access to health care among recent immigrants from 4 newcomer communities in the GTA.DocumentMigration and Diabetes Project2012
Patchworks of access: Education and healthcare for immigrants with precarious statusThis research has sought to explore both the formal and informal responses to accessing services for migrants with precarious legal status from different levels of decision-making and action.DocumentCERIS2012
Pregnancy and New Mothers - A Fact SheetA backgrounder and information on programs for pregnancy and new mothers.DocumentToronto Public Health 
Questions to ask your doctor or health care providerA tip sheet for patients on what to ask their doctor and six things they can do to take part in their own care.DocumentToronto Western Hospital2011
Racism, Health and What you Can Do About itA PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Kwame MacKenzie that outlines how racism causes health issues and gives some practical tools to address those issues at work and in your daily life.DocumentWellesley Institute2014
Refugee Health and ResettlementA research summary report on Refugee Health and Resettlement: Lessons Learned from the Syrian Response.DocumentAccess Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services2017
Refugee Health Cuts Flowchart for Frontline Workers in OntarioA flowchart that illustrates the changes to the IFH program due to the Federal Government cuts.DocumentNo IFH Cuts Coalition2012
Refugee HealthLine: Request for Health Care Providers to Provide Transitional Care for RefugeesA temporary , toll-free, multi-lingual, Refugee HealthLine to connect refugees to health care providers for transitional health care and services.DocumentMinistry of Health and Long-Term Care2015
Refugee Integration and Long-Term Health Outcomes in Canada (SyRIA.lth)Ongoing pan-Canadian longitudinal study funded by The Canadian Institute of Health Research and housed in the Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS) York University. The project is a partnership between settlement service agencies and academic research institutions in three of Canada's largest refugee resettlement provinces: British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. DocumentCentre for Refugee Studies, York University2017
Research-Oriented Decision-Making to Guide Local Public Health Practice to Reduce Social Inequities in HealthThis is a project report for research addressing the question "What is the evidence base for local public health practices to reduce social inequities in health and how can this evidence optimally inform Sudbury and District Health Unit management decision-making about programs and services?"DocumentCanadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF),Sudbury and District Health Unit2009
Right to Health Care campaign postcard - draftDraft of the postcard for the Right to Health Care campaign.DocumentRight to Health Care 
Sanctuary City: Opportunities for Health EquityThis think piece provides an overview of the Sanctuary City movement and explores how Toronto’s Sanctuary City policy can advance health and health equity by improving access to services and fostering an inclusive city. Given jurisdictional complexities and constraints, this think piece explores opportunities for Toronto to realize the goals of Sanctuary Cities by: a) providing full access to city-run services, b) fostering a welcoming and inclusive city, c) convening stakeholders, and d) advocating for change at both the provincial and federal level where appropriate.DocumentWellesley Institute2018
Scan of Newcomer Health GuidesAn environmental scan of available Health Guides for newcomers. Developed for the Newcomer Mental Health and Emotional Supports Forum for Frontline Staff.DocumentToronto South LIP2013
Sexual Health - A Fact SheetA backgrounder and list of free and confidential Sexual Health clinicsDocumentToronto Public Health 
Specialized Services for Newcomer Families - Learnings from ThorncliffeA PowerPoint presentation delivered at the Newcomer Health Forum that outlines Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office's approach to serving Newcomer Families.DocumentThorncliffe Neighbourhood Office2012
Summary of Interim Federal Health Program - April 1, 2016This brief document explains what services are covered under the new IFHP.DocumentCentre for Refugee Studies, York University2016
Tackling Barriers to Health Equity: the UninsuredA PowerPoint presentation to the Ontario Hospital Association Conference on Health, Equity and Diversity: Ensuring quality in Healthcare.DocumentWomen's College Hospital2010
The Canada Health Act - a FactSheetA fact sheet that lists the 5 conditions that provincial and territorial health insurance plans must respect in order to receive federal cash contributions.DocumentCanadian Nurses Association2000
The Global City: Newcomer Health in TorontoThis report brings together new data analyses with the complementary knowledge of staff and the perspectives of a wide range of local stakeholder, including frontline service providers and newcomers. It is the first comprehensive report that focuses on the health of newcomers in Toronto.DocumentToronto Public Health, Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services2011
The Real Cost of Cutting Refugee Health BenefitsWellesley Institute has prepared a Health Equity Impact Assessment of the proposed changes to the Interim Federal Health Benefit.DocumentWellesley Institute2012
The Unequal City 2015: Income and Health Inequities in TorontoA follow up to the 2008 report, The Unequal City, this report provides compelling evidence for strengthening efforts to develop healthy public policy, planning focused and responsive public health services and advocating for the needs of low income people.DocumentToronto Public Health2015
The West End Non-Insured Walk-In Clinic (NIWIC)An overview of the Non-Insured Walk-In Clinic including location, times and criteria for accessDocumentAccess Alliance MHCS, Unison HCS, Lamp CHC, Blackcreek CHC, Davenport-Perth NCHC, Stonegate CHC and Rexdale CHC2015
Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC): Connecting you with CareA PowerPoint presentation that gives an overview of the programs and services offered by CCAC and information on making referrals.DocumentCommunity Care Access Centre (CCAC) 
Toronto Western Family Health TeamAn overview of the Toronto Western Hospital Family Health Team, newcomer health programs and how to make referrals.DocumentToronto Western Hospital2011
Undocumented Workers in OntarioOur research projects (Pilot and 2009) place particular emphasis on the impact of undocumented status on the health and wellbeing of non-status migrants who work in a range of occupations. Both projects were funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.DocumentUniversity of Toronto, Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing2011
Unleashing Innovation: Excellent Healthcare for CanadaA report of the advisory panel on healthcare innovation. The report proposes to move Canada toward a different model for federal engagement in healthcare - one that depends on an ethos of partnership, and on a shared commitment to scale up existing innovations and make fundamental changes in incentives, culture, accountabilities, and information systems.DocumentHealth Canada2015
Useful Phone Numbers and WebsitesA list of useful health-related phone numbers and websitesDocumentToronto Western Hospital - Patient and Family Library 
Walk-in Clinics in TorontoA list of Walk-in Clinics in Toronto including address, phone numbers and clinic hoursDocumentToronto Western Hospital - Patient and Family Library2011
Who's Hungry ReportA profile of Hunger in Toronto 2017. The urgency of the need seen at local food banks shows that focusing solely on long-term policy change or on small-scale initiatives, such as community kitchens or gardens, will not meet the immediate food needs of a city population that is struggling right now. Despite what has become the accepted narrative, local, community-based responses such as food banks have existed in Toronto long before Daily Bread and others were formed in the early 1980s.DocumentThe Daily Bread Food Bank2017
Women ZoneA new program for women living with HIV in TorontoDocumentCircle of Care Initiative 

Health and Dental Websites

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Environmental Migration to CanadaA website for the first research project in Canada to systematically investigate how environmental factors overseas influence international immigration to Canada. Learning how deforestations, droughts, pollution, and urban ecological decline are affecting migration dynamics in less developed countries, and how those dynamics can in turn contribute to peoples’ decision to migrate to Canada. WebsiteWilfred Laurier University and University of Ottawa creates health technology platforms that help patients find care, when and where they need it. Since 2012, we have worked with industry partners and leaders to create solutions that connect patients with their healthcare providers. We are continuing to expand thanks to the support of patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare system leaders across Canada.Websiteiamsick
Imagine ClinicIMAGINE's interprofessional drop-in clinic aims to provide holistic care to the underserved and homeless populations of downtown Toronto. Anyone is welcome to use IMAGINE's services, and no ID or OHIP card is required. Appointments are not necessary. Our services include, but are not limited to: · Acute condition treatments such as foot care, wound care, and infections · Preventative health care including general health education and screening for disease · *Chronic disease prevention and management · Harm reduction counselling: safer sex, safer drug use · Physiotherapy exercises · Medication management · Diabetes management · Identify appropriate referrals (e.g. housing, OW, ODSP, immigration services, ID clinics) · Consultation/education regarding social work issuesWebsiteImagine Clinic
Measuring Health EquityThis site contains a guide, training and tools and resources to help Demographic Data Collection in Health Care in the Toronto Central LHINWebsiteMount Sinai Hospital
Migration as a Social Determinant of HealthThis website presents information on four projects that explore migration as a key social determinant of health.WebsiteUniversity of Toronto, Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
Stop Racism and Hate CollectiveThe Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society (CAER) grew out of the attempts by a number of social activists and academics to organize farm workers in British Columbia in the 1970s. Now the organization monitors hate crimes and develops resources and campaigns to stop racism in CanadaWebsiteCanadian Anti-racism Education and Research
Together HealthierA public education website promoting newcomer health, social determinants of health and lists of resources and links about health equity and newcomers.WebsiteToronto South LIP
Toronto Central HealthLineAn innovative website that puts accurate and up-to-date information about health services at the fingertips of consumers and health care providers in Toronto. It provides easy access to a reliable source of data, and empowers consumers to find the services they need close to home.WebsiteToronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)
Women and HIV InitiativeAll the information you need on Women and HIVWebsiteAIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)