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Addressing Depression in Muslim CommunitiesSome people in Muslim communities experience higher rates and longer periods of mental ill-health than other groups. There is evidence that services that draw on faith as a resource can help reduce or prevent long-term depression and improve people’s quality of life.DocumentUniversity of Leeds - Faculty of Medicine and Health2014
Being a Mindful Employee: An Orientation to Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace - Mental Health Commission of CanadaThis free online training program is about psychological health and safety in the workplace. The goal is to help you, as an employee, understand the 13 psychosocial workplace factors from the National Standard of Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and what you can do to help yourself and others in the workplace.DocumentMental Health Commission of Canada2018
By The Numbers: A statistical profile of people with mental health and addiction disabilities in OntarioOntarians with mental health and addiction disabilities have lower levels of education, lower income, are less likely to take part in the labour force and are less likely to live in adequate affordable housing compared to people with other disabilities and people without disabilities. This report highlights the unique disadvantages that people with mental health and addiction disabilities experience in different social and economic areas.DocumentOntario Human Rights Commission (OHRC)2016
Cultural Competency in the Context of Trauma - Resource ListA list of resources on cultural competencyDocumentCanadian Centre for Victims of Torture 
Culture, Context and the Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing of SyriansA review for mental health and psychosocial support staff working with Syrians affected by armed conflict.DocumentUnited Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)2015
Depression and UnemploymentA PowerPoint presentation on the connection between depression, mental health and unemployment.DocumentToronto Workforce innovation Group (TWIG), Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) 
Enhancing our capacity to support refugeesTo support the community mental health sector in responding to the needs of Syrian and other refugee populations CMHA Ontario develope four free webinars designed to provide information, tools and resources that can inform our work with marginalized populations.DocumentCMHA Ontario2016
Journey to Promote Mental Health: a training series for community service workersA PowerPoint presentation on the Journey to Promote Mental Health training series for community service workers. The project objective is to enhance knowledge of mental health among settlement workers and increase their capacity to serve newcomers more effectively.DocumentHong Fook Mental Health Association2011
Knowledge Exchange for Mental HealthThis is a report on provincial and territorial mental health strategies. It explores the challenges that are common to all provinces and territories and argues that within each challenge area, there is a wide range of opportunities for the exchange of knowledge.DocumentCaledon Institute of Social Policy2013
Making ChoicesA guide to Adult Mental Health Services and Supports in TorontoDocumentCommunity Resource Connections of Toronto2011
Mental Health & Addictions Interventions for Youth Experiencing Homelessness: Practical Strategies for Front-line ProvidersThis intervention guide was developed to provide timely and relevant guidance to direct service providers on how to intervene more effectively with youth who have experienced homelessness. DocumentCanadian Observatory on Homelessness2018
Mental Health and Addictions Resources and Information for NewcomersA sample list of resources and information on mental health and addictions, relevant for newcomers, in other languagesDocumentCAMH 
Mental health and refugees: position paperThis paper gives a brief outline of the Canadian Council for Refugees' main concerns relating to refugees and mental health. It focuses on refugees, but many aspects apply to other newcomers, particularly those who have suffered serious human rights abuses, such as survivors of trafficking, and those with precarious status, such as migrant workers.DocumentCanadian Council for Refugees2016
Mental Health Caregiver Guide A guide for caregivers of persons living with mental illness or experiencing mental health challenges.This guide is intended to provide you, the caregiver, with helpful tips, tools, and information. We encourage you to “build your own toolbox” using the various Activities in this guide. These activities are designed to help you think about what you are learning in greater depth and to put some tools in place to help with your learning. DocumentOttawa Public Health2016
Mental Health Forum - Cross Cultural CommunicationA paper by Michelle LeBaron on cross-cultural communicationDocumentBeyond Intractability2003
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Addressing Stigma with Newcomer ClientsTools and tips for addressing stigma with newcomer clients, also includes a list of online resourcesDocumentHong Fook Mental Health Association2014
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Cultural Competence in ActionAn exercise that addresses culture, communication and interpretation to bring awareness to our own cultural competenceDocumentCentre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)2004
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Cultural Competency ResourceA resource prepared by Dr. Nene Kwasi on the Cultural competency of clinical practice components. The resource lists values, attitudes and skills we should be aware of to ensure culturally competent practices.DocumentToronto North LIP2014
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Culture and GenderA paper by Lisa Andermann on Culture and the social construction of gender: Mapping the intersection with mental health.DocumentInternational Review of Psychiatry2010
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Disorders and Non-Medical InterventionsA list of 4 disorders and some non-medical, helpful interventionsDocumentChildren's Aid Society of Toronto2014
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Effective Approaches to Combating StigmaA PowerPoint presentation addressing myths and facts about mental illness. The presentation also addresses the impacts of stigma and how to address themDocumentHong Fook Mental Health Association2014
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Exploring Positive Mental HealthA brief handout on exploring the development of positive mental health by supporting individual resilience, while showing respect for culture, equity, social justice, interconnections and personal dignity.DocumentCanadian Population Health Initiative2009
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Forum ObjectivesForum Objectives for - Newcomer Mental Health - Capacity Building Forum for Frontline Staff: Practical Tools for Impactful PracticeDocumentToronto South LIP2014
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Having a Helpful ConversationSome tips on how to have helpful conversations about mental health issuesDocument 2014
Mental Health Forum 2014 - List of ResourcesA list of resources on cultural competencyDocumentCanadian Centre for Victims of Torture2014
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Mental Health and NewcomersA PowerPoint presentation on mental health issues and how they affect newcomers. Also includes information on mental health promotion strategies and how to help clients.DocumentToronto Public Health2014
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Quick Guide Mental Health Resources Serving TorontoA brochure listing phone numbers for mental health support services in TorontoDocumentCanadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)2014
Mental Health Forum 2014 - Rethinking cultural competenceA paper by Laurence J. Kirmayer on how conceptual analysis and critique of cultural competence can point toward ways to improve the cultural responsiveness, appropriateness and effectiveness of clinical services, and in doing so contribute to reducing health disparities.DocumentTranscultural Psychiatry2012
Mental Health Forum 2014 - The Biology of TraumaA paper that addresses the biological mechanisms for dealing with threat, so that we can understand the natural responses and also what happens with PTSD developsDocumentNatal - Isreal Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War2014
Mental Health Navigation and Mental Health Ambassadors Projects ReportThis report provides information on two projects – Mental Health Navigation Tool and Mental Health Ambassadors – planned and implemented by the inter-agency workgroup that included four Toronto Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs), Toronto Newcomer Office, Hong Fook Mental Health Association, “” social enterprise and the Toronto Public Health. The projects were implemented in 2016-2017 without any financial investments. The report includes information on the history of the projects, and describes the rationale, implementation stages and project results. We hope that this resource will be useful to groups that plan similar projects and organizations that are striving to create welcoming spaces for their clients and healthy work environments for their employees in addressing mental health issues.DocumentInter-agency Workgroup, iamsick.ca2017
Mental Health Navigation Tool - Online ToolAn online resource that helps to explain how mental health systems work in Canada, to be used by both service providers and newcomersDocumentiamsick.ca2017
Mental Health Needs not being met for immigrants and refugeesA CERIS research summary on a project that explored mental health needs over several sectors. It looked at the availability of mental health services for immigrants and refugees in the area served by the CW-LHIN to better understand the specific challenges that diversity can create for mental health services.DocumentCERIS2012
Mental Health Promotion Guide for Agencies Serving Immigrants and Refugees in OntarioWhile several agencies have developed their own internal tools and policies to promote mental health while responding to related challenges among their clients, many have not. This document provides crucial guidelines for such agencies to adapt in ways that addresses their own needs, clients, and services while taking into account the resources to which they have access.DocumentOCASI2017
Mental Illness, Criminal Offences and Deportation: Tips for front-line workersThis publication is for front-line workers and advocates working with people who: are not Canadian citizens, have been charged with or convicted of a crime in Canada and have or may have a mental illness.DocumentSchizophrenia Society of Ontario, Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)2011
Moving Forward ModelA holistic curriculum approach to adult mental health teaching and employment.DocumentNeighborhood Link Support Services2013
Navigating Mental Health Services in Toronto - A Guide for Newcomer CommunitiesThis guide is for anyone who has mental illness or mental health issues, and for their friends and families. It is meant to help you understand the mental health system. It includes general information on different types of mental illness and the treatment and support options in Toronto. Available in 11 languages.DocumentCommunity Resource Connections of Toronto 
Navigating the Mental Health System - Information GuideThe purpose of this guide is to help people encountering a first episode of psychosis to navigate the Ontario mental health system. This guide is written for people with mental illness, but it is also useful for their family members, friends and allies.DocumentSchizophrenia Society of Ontario 
Ontario Coalition for Children and Youth Mental HealthThe Ontario Coalition for Children and Youth Mental Health unites education, mental health, community and health sectors in a movement to promote the priority of social and emotional well-being as a part of healthy child development in Ontario and to make it a priority that drives integrated public policy in the province.DocumentOntario Public School Boards' Association 
Promoting Positive Mental Health for Immigrants an RefugeesA PowerPoint presentation on a webinar conducted online by CAMH. The webinar reviewed key concepts of mental health, best practices related to immigrants and refugees and reviewed mental health promotion principles.DocumentCentre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)2012
Refugee Mental Health ProjectOn overview and registration of the Refugee Mental Health Project and Community of Practice (online courses for settlement workers and healthcare professionals)DocumentCentre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) 
Self Assessment ToolA self assessment tool for people who have direct contact with others who have suffered trauma. Compassion can affect you in positive and negative ways. This tool will help you assess burnout, compassion satisfaction and secondary traumatic stress.DocumentCompassion Fatigue Solutions Inc2013
Social Interventions the Socio-Environmental ApproachA PowerPoint presentation on the socio-environmental approach to torture rehabilitation.DocumentCanadian Centre for Victims of Torture2012
Torture, Trauma, Psychosocial Impact and Mental Health Trauma: Meeting the Needs of War and Torture Survivors - Course ManualThe course manual and registration form for the Torture, Trauma, Psychosocial Impact and Mental Health Trauma: Meeting the Needs of War and Torture Survivors CourseDocumentCanadian Centre for Victims of Torture2013

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