Toronto South Lip Strategy and Action Plan Resources

Document TitleDescriptionDocumentPublisherDate
Toronto South LIP Strategy and Action PlanThe Toronto South LIP Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2016. This strategy outlines the initial work of the merger of three former LIP projects: the West Downtown Toronto LIP, the Downtown East LIP and the Toronto East LIP. The strategy outlines how the 3 projects combined their work, developed a common vision and identified areas for action. The strategy covers the project timeline from 2013-2016.DocumentToronto South LIP2013
Year 3 Rolling Action PlanToronto South LIP Action Plan for Year 3 - 2015-2016DocumentToronto South LIP2015
Toronto South LIP - Three Year Report 2013-2016A Three-Year Report outlining the broad range of actions and activities that the Toronto South LIP and our member organizations have engaged in to fulfill our Settlement Strategy.DocumentToronto South LIP2016
Toronto South LIP Strategic Plan 2017-2020The Toronto South LIP Settlement Strategy for 2017-2020. This strategy focuses on the following 3 Strategic Directions: A. Welcoming and Inclusive Community, B. Seamless Newcomer Settlement and C. Emerging Issues and Policy Responses.DocumentToronto South LIP2017